Street Infastructure


LED streetlight
LEDs require much less maintenance and
have a longer bulb life.

Bozeman is actively investigating how best to update many portions of its street lighting to LEDs. A pilot project can be seen along Durston from 7th to 11th. Since their installation in February 2012, these lights have been using 47 percent less electricity than the high pressure sodium lights they replaced. That’s roughly 47 percent cheaper, and a 47 percent smaller carbon footprint. In addition to simply using less energy, LEDs also require much less maintenance than conventional technologies and have a longer bulb life, saving taxpayers and the city significant money on maintenance. LED streetlights are also currently in use near the new J.C. Billion on Automotive Avenue, and in walkway lighting at MSU.


Bozeman’s traffic signals have slowly but surely been upgraded to energy-efficient LED bulbs as older incandescent bulbs burn out over time. The LED bulbs currently used require nearly 85 percent less energy than the older incandescent bulbs.

Roundabout in Bozeman at College and 11th.

Roundabout at College and 11th.

Roundabouts decrease the amount of time vehicles spend waiting to cross an intersection. Less time waiting is less time idling and thus less greenhouse gasses coming out of tailpipes. The new roundabout at College and 11th has decreased average wait time at peak business from 2minutes and 33seconds to 20seconds, according to a study by the Western Transportation Institute. Bozeman has three other prominent roundabouts, and many smaller traffic circle roundabouts in residential neighborhoods.