Clean Energy


Bozeman City Hall is a LEED-EB certified building. Natural light illuminates the central stairs.

Installation of a 7.2 kW solar photovoltaic system at Bozeman City Hall.


For most Bozemanites, modern life requires energy, and a lot of it. Clean, renewable energy coupled with smart energy efficiency holds the unique promise of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Most of the Bozeman community’s carbon emissions originate in the burning of high-carbon fossil fuels including coal, natural gas, and petroleum. NorthWestern Energy’s supply was composed of 10 percent renewables in 2011, mostly from wind energy and including a few small hydro-electric developments.

Clean energy technologies have advanced rapidly in recent years, drastically reducing the cost of renewable energy. As an example, Germany, which is one of Europe’s strongest economies, got 27% of its average electricity from clean sources in the first quarter of 2014, up to almost 75% in May 2014, breaking the daily record, and aims to power the country with 80% renewable sources by 2050

With renewables sitting at only 10 percent of our current energy mix, there is great opportunity to reduce emissions, cultivate renewable energy businesses, and position our city as a clean energy leader.

2008 Community Greenhouse Gas Emmissions Chart. Commercial buildings 38 percent, Transportation 26 percent, Residential Homes 34 percent, Waste 2 percent.

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