The City of Bozeman is ready to help local businesses reduce their energy bills and improve their cash flow with the Bozeman Energy Project. This is a chance for businesses to save money and reduce their energy use while helping the community and the environment.

  • Any business in the greater Bozeman area with a commercial meter and the commitment to implement energy-efficiency projects is eligible to become a member of the Bozeman Energy Project.
  • Businesses that join will benefit from financial and resource savings, exposure through program website, marketing and outreach, workshops on energy efficiency and conservation technologies and strategies, and a peer-support network.


Any business in the greater Bozeman area with a commercial meter and the commitment to implement energy-efficiency projects is eligible to become a partner of the Bozeman Energy Project.

To enroll as a Partner a business must:

  1. Complete the online registration form
  2. Send a check for the $50 annual partner fee


All Bozeman Energy Project Partners that implement at least one of the recommendations from their energy appraisal and track and benchmark their energy usage for at least 12 months can get certified by the City of Bozeman and may be eligible for NorthWestern Energy rebates, state or federal incentives, and City of Bozeman one-time cash incentives of $500-$2500. Certified businesses will be publicly recognized by the City of Bozeman for their efforts, and will be featured on the Bozeman Energy Project website.

To become certified, businesses must:
Be in the greater Bozeman area
Undergo (or have already received) an energy appraisal by NorthWestern Energy
Implement at least one of the recommendations from the appraisal
Track and benchmark energy use for 12 months after the energy efficiency retrofit and provide 12 months of historical energy use data, using the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager
Verify energy use and savings with the City of Bozeman
Apply for certification
Participate in an interview for written and/or video case studies detailing challenges and successes

What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking is the process of evaluating and comparing your organization’s energy performance to something similar, such as your energy performance from the previous year or the energy performance of similar facilities or a national average. Benchmarking is a way to better understand how your building is performing and where there are opportunities for improvement.

What is Portfolio Manager?

Portfolio Manager is the City of Bozeman’s recommended online tool to measure and track energy and water consumption. For more information go to the resource tab.

City staff is available to help members understand the NorthWestern Energy appraisals, prioritize recommendations for their individual needs, set up new accounts in Energy Star Portfolio Manager, identify available rebates and incentives, and answer any questions about energy efficiency/conservation strategies or the Bozeman Energy Project.

For questions or support, contact Heather Higinbotham, Energy Conservation Technician at (406) 582-2370 or


BenefitsPartnerCertified Partner
Energy conservationXX
$$ SavingsXX
Use of program logo for marketingXX
Access to energy efficiency and conservation resourcesXX
Business listing on program websiteXX
Access to Kill-A-Watt meters for loanXX
Included in program marketing/outreachXX
Access to branded collateralXX
Assistance with City of Bozeman permitting/inspection processXX
Link to business websiteXX
NorthWestern Energy rebatesXX
Partner window decal to displayXX
Inclusion in Partner Directory on websiteXX
Energy efficiency workshopsXX
City of Bozeman incentive (only for businesses located in city limits).XX
Commission recognition/annual awards banquetX
Video case studiesX
Certified Partner plaque to displayX
Featured "Business of the month" on program websiteX


Conserving energy has plenty of benefits, and the Bozeman Energy Project adds to these benefits with available rebates and incentives.

Partners may be eligible for a free energy appraisal* from NorthWestern Energy to identify electric conservation opportunities and a greater understanding of how their operation and maintenance strategies can affect their utility charges.

Businesses inside the Bozeman city limits will be eligible for one-time cash incentives of $500-$2,500 to be used toward equipment, energy conservation measures, and installation costs, from the City of Bozeman. The City incentive funds can cover up to 33% of a project’s total cost, after NorthWestern Energy rebates. Some state incentives are also available.

NorthWestern Energy Information Release Form (all project partners must submit):


Sample Projects Eligible for NorthWestern Energy Rebates and City Incentives
Air ConditioningWater Heating

For further information about NorthWestern Energy's rebates and incentives, click here.*

* Partners will need to contact NorthWestern Energy directly to schedule an appraisal. Call (800) 823-5995 for details. Some restrictions apply. NorthWestern Energy appraisals are limited to one per property; if your property has already received an audit, City of Bozeman staff can assist you with accessing the appraisal report and recommendations.


For Incentive details, resources or to apply:


Click Here


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