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Are you a Bozeman Climate Partner? Climate Partners are concerned about global climate change, and take action to reduce their personal carbon footprints, where possible. You’ll soon have the opportunity to distinguish yourself as a Bozeman Climate Partner, as we develop guidelines and a specific list of actions you can take here in Bozeman to shrink your carbon footprint.

Stay tuned for upcoming levels of recognition that you and/or your organization can attain. Still, you can get started right now: browse the website, and see which of the many local resources to reduce your carbon footprint you can take advantage of today!


Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Are you interested in improving air quality, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the same time?

  • Host a short presentation on idling cars at your group’s next meeting.
  • Distribute informational fliers at your business or organization.
  • Volunteer to help educate others on the issue.

Looking for an easy way to promote recycling at public events? This group will focus their initial efforts on the many free summer events on Main Street, where the recycling is often contaminated with trash, and must then be thrown away.

The details of this challenge, and how it will be unrolled to the general public, are still in the works. Interested in fine-tuning the challenge, or have marketing expertise to share? Let us know!

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The City of Bozeman and Northwestern Energy are ready to help local businesses reduce their energy bills and improve their cash flow with the Bozeman Energy Project.

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The Gallatin Earth Celebration is a week-long series of events focused on service, education, and awareness of local environmental issues, organized around earth day. Volunteer for Clean-Up Day, or help to organize other associated events in the GEC partnership.

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