About Us

Welcome to the Bozeman Climate Partners, an energized community-based project designed to highlight the good conservation work being done in Bozeman and to encourage others to join in reducing our carbon footprint. Check out our website to learn who is doing what, how you can plug in, and other great stuff being done across the region.


Why Bozeman Climate Partners, you may ask?

Because our friends, neighbors, local businesses, and the good folks at the city are already laying the groundwork, and now we’re poised to take off. The only piece missing is you! Be a part of creating a better Bozeman, connecting with others who care, and taking action to reduce our community’s carbon footprint, now and for future generations.

The Bozeman Climate Partners Communications Working Group meets the third Wednesday of each month from 9:00am-10:30am in the Madison Room at Bozeman City Hall.



Bozeman Climate Partners Members

Benjamin Bennett (Massive Studios) Benjamin has been the marketing and branding/design business for over 18 years. As the Founder and Principal of Massive Studios, Benjamin brings a professional, yet creative approach to brand marketing, social media, print and web development.

Nick Bentley (Bozeman Climate Alliance)

Paula Beswick (Bozeman Library Foundation Director) Paula K. Beswick has been involved with the Bozeman Public Library for 15 years, including volunteering for the campaign to build the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certified public building in the state of Montana; currently she serves as the director of the Library Foundation. Prior, she worked in Communications at the Greater Yellowstone Coalition for seven years. She has lived in Bozeman with her family for 17 years.

Jeff Moore (Montana Weatherization Center & Gallatin College) Jeffrey E. Moore is Program Director for the Montana State University Residential Building Performance (RBP) program.  He also works for MSU Extension Housing and Human Development as a regional trainer and project coordinator. Prior to working for MSU, Jeff was an independent contractor/green builder focused on cost effective and energy efficient remodels in both Gallatin and Park County.

Kathy Powell (Citizen-at-large) Kathy Powell has worked in recycling, composting and solid waste outreach in Wisconsin for over 20 years  and  assisted the City of Bozeman in organizing their  2012-2013 home compost bin sale.  She also has a background in promoting home energy conservation and helped start the first solar homes tour in central Wisconsin.  She now lives full time in Bozeman with her husband, working to reduce their carbon footprint and help keep the mountains cool.

Jay Sinnott (Citizen-at-large) Jay Sinnott recently retired from a 31 year career at the US Environmental Protection Agency, where he worked in a wide range of environmental programs.  He was educated at Montana State University, receiving two engineering degrees, including a Masters in Environmental Engineering.  He has lived nearly his entire life in Montana, including 19 years in Bozeman.

Kristen Walser (Bozeman Climate Alliance) Kristen was drawn to environmental issues in 1988 when she focused on recycling and waste disposal issues, becoming a founding member of a regional solid waste management district and organizing many events to heighten public awareness. In 2011, she left her career as a teacher to devote her full attention to addressing climate change. Since then, Kristen has found many avenues to organize and educate: the Bozeman Climate Alliance, a Student Summit on Sustainability, the Green Schools initiative, Bozeman Coal Action, became one of Al Gore’s Climate Reality leaders, and of course, Bozeman Climate Partners. The photovoltaic array in her backyard produces 7,350 kWh of electricity a year.

Cyndy Andrus (City Commissioner) Cyndy Andrus is in her second term as a Bozeman City Commissioner. She is the former director of the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce Convention & Visitors Bureau and is currently the Principle of Andrus Consulting. She has been employed in the tourism industry for over 25 years.  She currently serves as the Chair of the Montana Tourism Advisory Council, the Vice Chair of the Montana Arts Council. She is a Montanan Ambassador and a graduate of the 2007 class of Leadership Montana.

Natalie Meyer (Sustainability Program Manager) Natalie has coordinated the City of Bozeman’s Climate Action Plan and sustainability efforts since 2008. Her experience as a river guide, climate modeling technician, soils lab technician, and two years working and studying in China helped fuel her interest in environmental conservation. She earned a B.S. in Forestry from UM-Missoula and a M.S. in Land Resources & Environmental Sciences from MSU-Bozeman.

Idle Free Bozeman Group Members

Nick Bentley (Bozeman Climate Alliance)

Elin Hert (Citizen-at-large)

Berk Knighton (MSU Chemical Engineer)

Vance Ruff (Bozeman School District Transportation Superintendent)

Carson Taylor (Commission Liaison)

Wendy Weaver (Greenstone Consulting)

Natalie Meyer (Sustainability Program Manager)

The Welcome to Bozeman sign with mountains in the background.

Photo: MSU/ Kelly Gorham

The Communications and Outreach arm of the Bozeman Climate Partners endeavors to inspire, focus and tap the vast reservoir of talent and knowledge of our community, with the goal of reducing Bozeman’s carbon footprint.

The time for action is now. We know that reducing greenhouse gas emissions can only be reached through a large array of individual and community actions large and small, minor and difficult. We seek to make choosing low-carbon options easier and more appealing for our community.

The Bozeman Climate Partners is an inclusive group. It seeks to represent the true spirit of our mountain community, in all its energy, sense of responsibility for our future, and beauty.



Recognizing the role a healthy environment plays in creating a city in which people want to live, work, and raise a family, our former Mayor Jeff Krauss and City Commission, signed the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement in 2006.

To guide our climate action initiative, the City Manager first convened the Municipal Climate Task Force in 2007. This community Task Force completed a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and developed recommendations to help the City of Bozeman reduce emissions within government operations. The Task Force worked with city employees to review items such as building operations, vehicle fleets, traffic lights, water treatment, and water reclamation. In August 2008, the City accepted the Municipal Climate Action Plan (MCAP). The MCAP outlines our goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 15 percent below 2000 levels by 2020.

With the Municipal Climate Action Plan well underway, the City began a community-wide planning effort to find specific strategies for Bozeman residents to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The City Commission appointed a 15-member Community Climate Task Force to ensure a diverse group of stakeholders contributed to the Plan. Efforts were coordinated by Sustainable Planet Solutions. The end result is the Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP), which was adopted by the Bozeman City Commission in 2011. The goal from the Community Climate Action Plan is to reduce emissions 10 percent below 2008 levels by 2025.
The City’s Sustainability Program Manager oversees implementation of both the Municipal and Community Climate Action Plans.

The Sustainability Program Manager works with an advisory group of city staff, known as the City Sustainability Team.

City Sustainability Team

Sid Bush (Facilities Services Technician)

Ginny Cowan (Teen Librarian)

Brit Fontenot (Economic Development Coordinator)

Paula Frojae (Building Code Enforcement Officer)

Rob Green (Solid Waste Division Foreman)

Dustin Johnson (Engineer)

Mark Johnson (Police Lieutenant)

Mike Haddock (IT Systems Administrator)

Brian Krueger (Planner)

Al Rominger (Water & Sewer Assistant Superintendent)

Ryon Stover (Forestry Foreman)

Natalie Meyer (Sustainability Program Manager)

The Bozeman Climate Partners participate by developing creative partnerships in the community, volunteering for projects & events, or by participating in working groups. Any resident, business, club, non-profit, or government agency that would like to help the Bozeman community reduce greenhouse gas emissions can become a Bozeman Climate Partner.