The Asia Montana Energy Summit, April 29-30

 Asia MT Energy Summit graphic for website

The Asia-Montana Energy Summit (AMES) will take place April 29 – 30, 2015 at the University of Montana. AMES is a strategic initiative led by the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center to address the complex issues surrounding the future of energy and how it shapes our global environment, economy, and society.

AMES will bring together international thinkers, business leaders, and policy influencers as keynote speakers and panelists to discuss energy trends around the world, critical developments in energy technology and policy, and opportunities for cooperation between the United States and Asia.

Like previous Mansfield Center conferences, the AMES Expert Conference is free and open to the public. Conference attendees will include community members, students, professors and teachers, civic leaders, media representatives, business executives, policy officials, and energy stakeholders from the United States and Northeast Asia interested in promoting public education, engaging in constructive dialogue, and encouraging collaboration around these vital issues.

For more information visit the AMES website:

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